Josef Florian Krichbaum


„In my art, two entirely different topics come together: art skills and “DNA” of Old Masters artistic style, which I do not only imitate but, moreover, try to feel and re-invent, to transfer it into my world and the 21st century. This Old Masters artistic style and technique are being combined with the second part of my cultural interest, which is comics, urban art, and pop surrealism.

I am telling whimsical stories about society and human nature in different psychological situations. I specialized in very small-scale, detailed oil/egg tempera paintings, heavily influenced by the Old Masters like Pieter Bruegel combined with comics.

In the last year, I tried to combine Old Master’s oil painting with Spray Stencil technique as Banksy, which seems strange, but works! The stencils are made from other paintings taken from my oeuvre; therefore, I call it ‚Remix Series‘.”